How can I receive a quote for my document Translations?

There are few options, you may click here to upload your document and our representative will get back to you via your preffered method of communication. You may also reach us by email at or call us directly at 347-612-6949.

How do I order over the phone interpreter?

Once you have created an account with us you would be able to request an interpreter 24/7. Please call us directly at 347-612-6949 to request an interprter for your preffered language.

How much does it cost?

Few factors are taken into consideration before providing an invoice. Such as Language Pair, Interpretation Mode, Qualifications of the Interpreter and locations. Once all the information is collected our team will be able to provide you most affordable quote for the best service.

Who sees the documents for translation?

Document translation goes through three steps before its being submitted. Our qualified translator will translate yhe document and it will be sent to a Proofreader. Depending on the Proofreader,s recomendation our Translator will make necessary adjustment.

How do I know if I need Simultaneous or Consecutive interpretation?

Consecutive interpretation is commonly used in small meetings and legal proceedings, including arbitrations, depositions, hearings, and trials. In this real-time interpretation method, the speaker pauses after every few sentences and allows the interpreter to translate.While in consecutive interpretation the interpreter translates once the speaker stops speaking, in simultaneous interpreting the interpreter translates the while the speaker is talking. Since this type of translation occurs in real-time, the interpreter must quickly digest what the speaker is saying and immediately translates it into another language.

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